Epilobium (Small Flowered Willow Herb): Clinical Evidence


The preparation, Epilobium Capsules, contains:

1 capsule: Phytosterols, predominantly B sitosterols 10mg.

Extractum Herba Epilobii sicc. 200mg

The preparation contains the active ingredients derived from small flowered types of willow herbs in the form of a siccum extract.  This, in turn, contains a generous amount of tannins as well as flavonoids (Kampferol-Quesritin-Myricetin-Glycosides) and tripertone acids.  In addition, 10mg per capsule of the purified active ingredient in the sitosterols, mainly beta sitosterol, was derived from plants, and beta sitosterol-B-D-Glocoside (Sitosterolin) was added.  Thus, the preparation is a combination of exclusively plant-derived ingredients and comes in the form of a mixture of extract and nearly pure active ingredient.

The sitosterols present in the plant are a mixture of alpha sitosterol, beta sitosterol and sitosterolin.  It is primarily the beta sitosterol that has pharmacological/toxicological significance; it is responsible for the effectiveness and clinical relevance of the preparation.  Since the seventies, beta sitosterol has been considered a potent candidate for influencing the prostaglandinmetabolism.  With respect to this, test have been conducted in the infectios/rheumatic area and, finally, with the benign prostate adenoma.  The data provided indications for the following:

-Benign prostate adenoma


-Cystitis, urethritis

Therapeutic Trial

While surgery is still the most prevalent therapy for the prostata adenoma, the conservative therapy is increasingly applied in order to prevent needless operations, reduce postoperative complaints and make the patient largely free of complaints.  Based on this, the clinical tests under consideration herein result in the indication areas shown.  Treatment with preparations containing beta sitosterols was applied to:

-Prostata Adenoma                                            n=19,536

-Adjuvant postoperative therapy                       n=30 read more